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First Porsche car was built in 1898 and it was recently found in a Shed

The automotive industry sure is beautiful. Specially when we're talking about classic cars. The first Porsche car ever made was built more than a century ago, and it's been missing for several years until now. The called 'Egger-Lohner electric vehicle, C.2 Phaeton model' was found abandoned in a shed in the country of Austria.

This vehicle was created by Ferdinand Porsche in 1898. He raced with this car in Berlin and he actually won 1st place. This vehicle is also electric, with up to 50-mile range with a max speed of 22 miles per hour. This was over a century ago folks, this is pretty impressive. The vehicle after that race was placed in this shed, and it has been in there since 1902.

The motor of the first Porsche weighed 287 lbs, the total weight was around 3000 lbs, and 1000 lbs of that was just batteries.

Now Porsche has moved it to Stuttgart, Germany and it will be available in their museum after a basic restoration. Pretty awesome, don't you think?

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