The Importance of the antifreeze or coolant in your vehicle

Antifreeze or cooland is used to keep your car cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It also helps prevent rust, scale and acid from forming, which can overheat and damage your engine. You should check that your car has enough coolant or antifreeze everytime you change your oil.

To check the levels, follow the next instructions:

Open the hood.

Find the coolant/antifreeze reservoir. On newer cars, this is usually a semi-transparent plastic container toward the front of the engine.

Check the level of cooland inside using a flashlight. There may be high/low markings on the side of the reservoir to help guide you.

If your coolant or antifreeze is low, check with the owner's manual on the proper type of fluid to use to replace it. Many cars need a coolant/antifreeze mixture, usually one that is 50 percent antifreeze.


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