Body shops around the country are suing big insurance companies over dangerous car repairs


We found this article on ABC News. It's a really good read, that would make you understand the importance of not chooising a Insurance Company's DRP (Direct Repairer Facility). DRP Shops work for the benefit of the insurance company, not the consumer. And sometimes to make the insurance company happy and guarantee flow of work, they don't properly repair the vehicle.

Here, at Integrity, we work with all insurance companies but we do not work for them; we work for you, and your best interest and benefit.

Article by Jackie Hallaway, ABC News:

A federal lawsuit accuses some of the country’s largest auto insurance companies of taking short cuts and authorizing unsafe repairs of damaged cars.

But as the suit winds its way through the courts, some say lives are being put at risk.

The suit involves 400 body shops across the country.

It claims insurance companies are steering consumers to their preferred shops for repairs, businesses it says keep costs down at the risk of public safety.

A collision damaged the frame of Val McCarty’s new car.

The body shop, she said, chose to repair the mangled portion of her frame rather than replace it.

Ray Gunder, owner of Gunder's Auto Center, says the insurance company should never have approved the repair. He says it left buckles and dips that compromise what is called the frame’s “crumple zone.” Once that crumple zone is compromised, it can no longer absorb energy and whatever it impacts is going to hit the passenger compartment.

Gunder's Auto Center was among the first to join an anti-trust case last year that accuses 30 insurance companies of pressuring their preferred shops, or DRPs, to keep costs low and in essence force them to short cut repair.

The insurance companies defend the DRP program.

In a statement, a spokesperson with the Insurance Information Institute told us, "When the insurance industry takes steps to manage repair costs, it is a consumer benefit. Savings are passed on...Using a DRP is a consumer choice."

McCarty says her insurer and the body shop stood by the original repair and refused to do anything more to her car.

The latest on the case, which is now in the hands of a federal judge in Orlando, involves a setback for the plaintiffs. The judge has asked attorneys for the repair shops to fix what he calls legal deficiencies in the case or else it faces dismissal.

You may watch the video for this article here.

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