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New Honda Model to Feature Innovative Side Mirrors

Article from Fender Bender, original source here.

May 30, 2019—Honda's new electric car will have a side camera mirror system, as noted by Electrek.

Honda Mirror

Honda says the vehicle’s side camera mirror system, as seen on the prototype, will be a standard option when the car enters production.

While some side cameras have drawn criticism for performance in certain conditions, Honda says its system — which offers both normal and wide-angle views — will improve visibility in bad weather and at night. The carmaker notes the system has undergone extensive testing to ensure no glare, and the design of the camera shouldn’t give drivers any problems in rain or snow, the company said.

The reduced drag — a 90 percent improvement over conventional mirrors — results in a “3.8 percent improvement for the entire vehicle, contributing toward the models overall efficiency and range.”

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