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The Integrity Difference


We really consider ourselves a different body shop in Solano County. We go beyond simply repair wrecked cars, we commit with all of our clients for life and we treat them like family.


We love our community, and we consistenly are in different events in our county.


We are certified, and we offer lifetime warranty in all of our paint work as long as you own the vehicle.


Let us serve you!



Testimonial by Mr. Jeff

Jeff brought to us his 2010 Dodge Challenger, here are his thoughts about the job we did for him.

Testimonial by O. Borja

Mr. Borja gave us a testimonial about his experience with us. His car is a Dodge Challenger.

Mrs. Veal's Honda Accord

Testimonial by Mrs. Veal's friend whom by the way, has been our client in the past.

Testimonial by Mr. Martinez

Our client wanted to give a testimonial about his experience with us. This is about his 2011 Toyota Sienna.

Mr. Ruben Padilla

Mr. Padilla has been our customer for several years now, and he brought his VW Jetta to us. Here is the final result.

Mr. Miguel's Honda Accord

Testimonial by Mr. Miguel.

Mrs. Smith's Infiniti

Mrs. Smith brought her beauriful Infiniti to us for a repair job, and we also did a complete auto detail.

Mr. Meadow's VW GTI

Testimonial by Mr. Meadows, he explains how he found about us and shares his experience.

Mr. Rodriguez's Ford F-350

Spanish Video. This video shows the repair's process in a Ford F-350.

Mr. Prieto's Porsche Panamera

In this video we can see the repair process of this beautiful Porsche, a high end german vehicle.

Mr. Peter's Audi R8

A testimonial based on the repairs on a beautiful Audi R8. Such a wonderful beast.


Integrity present at the 2014 Dixon May Fair Parade

May 10th, 10AM, we were on the parade and here is the video. Two hours of parade in less than two minutes.

Integrity hosted the SHCC's Mixer 

April 16th, 5:30PM we hosted the Solano Hispanic Chamber of Commerce's Mixer. And it was a huge success

[Improving our facility] Installing a new Prep Station in our Shop 

2015. As part of our promise to keep improving quality and customer service, we have installed a new Prep Station that will help us keep growing. 


[After Market vs Original Parts]

The importance of choosing the right parts

We want all of you to understand the huge difference between OEM parts and After Market parts, and the safety issues they represent. 

[Repair Process]

2013 Hyunday Genesis Walkthrough

We want all of you to understand the huge difference between OEM parts and After Market parts, and the safety issues they represent. 

[Repair Process] 2010 Dodge Charger SRT 

This is our longest video yet. Two months of repairs in only 8 minutes. Believe us, this video is worth watching. You will learn more about the repair process in extreme detail.

[Repair Process] Before and After of a 2012 Fiat 500

This video represents a whole new concept. It's our shortest video yet. Enjoy, Share, Like.

[Repair Process] Before and After of a 2014 Acura MDX

Our favorite video of our long playlist, this video shows the long process of the repairs on a wonderful 2014 Acura MDX. This vehicle has so much technology, this was no regular repair. For example, instead of simply replacing the deployed air bags, we had to replace the entire dashboard and reset all the sensors. 


[Repair Process] Before and After of a 2013 Subaru BRZ 

Repairs walk through on a beautiful 2013 Subaru BRZ. Quarter panel replacement, inner quarter panel replacement, rear bumper replacement, trunk lid blending and front door blending.

[Repair Process] Before and After of a 2016 BMW X4 

2016 BMW X4, replacement of damaged panels. Sometimes is better to replace than to repair.

For quality and cost.

[Repair Process] Before and After of a 2017 Chevy Camaro SS

Back to pre-accident condition, and custom roof color paint. Before and after. 

NEW VIDEOS COMING consistently

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